Katherine Leslie Soaps

     Katherine Leslie Soaps uses no artificial fragrances, colors or additives in our soap. All of our bath and facial soaps have silk protein, making luxurious, silky smooth lather. When we use fragrance at all, we only use essential oils. Even those with sensitive skin can benefit from the simplicity of Katherine Leslie Soaps, made the natural way.

     Making cold processed soap is a wonderful experience. We set up the right ingredients and conditions, then step back to watch the transformation God performs! As oils are changed into gentle soap, natural glycerin is produced within. We like how non-drying soap is when it has not had its natural glycerin removed, which is often done by commercial soap companies. Our skin does not feel a size too small after bath time, and we are using much less lotion than ever before. Our friends have confirmed the difference of Katherine Leslie Soaps many times over.

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